Who We Are

Three years ago, I started nursing ideas which led me to a visionary dream!!!

My vision was born out of this simple question: “how can I start something that will help to improve the lives of the people around me?”

I came up with a concept in memory of my late father because of his counseling and principles. Hence, I named the concept Hamisu Foundation.

As a trained teacher in Medical Science, I developed an interest in the general well-being of the youths and thus, I would really like to contribute my quota to improve their lives.

Since the world is gradually becoming a global village due to the advent of Information Technology (IT) as a dependable network for societal transformation, the level of societal ills and social vices around us are at an increasingly alarming rate.

I have focused my research and findings on the following contemporary issues:

a) Child abuse and labour.

b) Youth empowerment through skills acquisition.

c) Adult literacy programmes.

d) Computer literacy programmes.

e) Teen prostitution and teen parenting.

f) Giving soft loan to petty traders so as to reduce joblessness.

g) Drug abuse and addiction among the youth.

All these are menaces that have brought our moral and human ethical values to shame!!!

It is in the light of these societal ills that the Hamisu Foundation wishes you to join hands with relevant stakeholders and well-meaning organizations to proffer solutions to these myriad of challenges confronting the youths.

Hamisu Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization that is aimed at improving the lot of the youths, thereby seeks to go into partnership with YOU to find lasting solutions to the societal ills through constructive contributions!!!